WEALTH MANAGEMENT, corporate strategy and FAMILY OFFICE SERVICES for a changing worLd

Defending and increasing wealth in a changing world has always been a major challenge, yet today, due to the faster change rate, it has become even more difficult. Our lives and our wealth are affected by countless factors, from climate change to financial disorders, even in countries previously considered “secure”.

Since the world moves fast, wealth management has to move just as fast. WM Focus takes a strongly dynamic approach that can identify new opportunities, not just adapt.

In times of sometimes frenetic changes, in the corporate area a correct strategic differentiation is the key for a sustainable competitive advantage (“sustainable competitive advantages” - M. Porter). Insufficient or unsustainable differentiation can have many causes, among others unexpected changes in new technologies, new competition, new legal frameworks, and so on, and can quickly lead to great difficulties and even to a fatal outcome for a company (in the last 5 years there have been many examples from the technology sector).

WM Focus has an extensive experience in differentiation and strategic analysis, as well as in change management.

In case of an M&A process or succession, such strategic positioning analysis will be of crucial importance, since the company’s value will derive from the discounted future cash-flows, which in turn depend on a sound strategy.


Wealth management and strategic alignment are only two examples of the areas of WM Focus’ consulting portfolio. We focus on family office services which we prefer to call the “WM Focus optimization filter” (borrowing another term from the optics area, after “focus”). Thereby we optimize many financial “compartments” or “areas” in addition to those mentioned above.

More on the areas involved and on the value added of our optimization work in the section “Our services”.


Today, these optimization services are in high demand due to the intricacy of modern markets. Indeed, we live in a complex world, but at WM Focus we are keen to help our clients to simplify and focus on winning strategies. We anticipate the main risks and opportunities to maintain and increase customers’ wealth, for themselves and their future generations.